Website downtime can cost your business up to $50,000 per hour, according to a USA Today survey, mitigate this with Managed Hosting.

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While the actual loss in terms of revenue, business disruption and productivity depends on a case-to-case basis, one thing is for sure:

“You suffer from measurable dollar losses for every second your website isn’t performing as it should be.”

To reduce unplanned downtimes and other costly problems in the management of your website, it pays to invest in managed hosting services.

As the current business landscape continues to become more competitive, delegating your website hosting to a trusted managed IT services provider is a crucial move as it allows you and your team to focus on strategy and creating value for the business.

The Managed Hosting Benefits Checklist:

Managed Hosting Benefit 1: Prevent server problems before they happen.

At this point, you can’t afford to go offline even for just a short while. Fickle prospects will simply move on to your competitor if they find your website unreliable or slow-moving.

Managed hosting ensures your servers are being continuously monitored for potential problems. This way, glitches can be fixed before they happen or become a serious cause of website operation disruption.

Managed Hosting Benefit 2: Streamline the process.

The marketplace can change drastically in just a blink of an eye. Businesses thus have to make processes more efficient so they can make quick turnarounds when needed.

A basic WordPress hosting services plan can improve your business efficiency, as it already includes a wide range of benefits including fast servers, advanced database security, daily site backup and recovery, software, plugins and website updates.

Advanced packages can also include SEO solutions, complete maintenance, custom multimedia content, social media integration and more.

Managed Hosting Benefit 3: Beef up system security and secure data.

Technologies that weaken or destroy website security have become stronger and more sophisticated. Thus, it is a must to make sure your website is protected by state-of-the-art security.

With managed hosting, your website is constantly checked for and shielded from virus attacks, spam and malicious activities that aim to compromise critical business information.

Meanwhile, data backup and recovery services ensure minimal or no valuable data loss even in the event of malware, mechanical damage, software glitches and other causes.

Managed Hosting Benefit 4: Receive qualified support.

One of the greatest ROIs of investing in managed hosting is access to expert support when you need it.

When your website encounters a serious issue, you can’t afford a trial-and-error approach. You want to know how to address the problem following an expert-approved solution – or better, have an expert solve it.

Managed hosting provides you access to technical support so your website returns to its top condition in no time at all.

So if you are interested in Managed Hosting for your website and business, click here and get started with Littlejohn’s Web Shop today!


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